Algorithm Audit

Algorithm Audit

You’re looking at the only scientifically tested algorithm analysis in the world. Each profile is extensively researched and personal - no copy-pasting solutions here.


Get back to creating - let me find a path to algorithmic appeal.


Your Algorithm,  Solved

As a photographer, I struggled against social media platforms to be seen. I later realized that it wasn't the algorithm's fault, and certainly wasn't mine: it's the system of greed we're fighting against. After years of researching algorithms, marketing, and different types of businesses, I came up with the only rigorously tested answer available on the planet, specifically created to address your concerns.


Wether you want to gain followers quickly, sell your work, or convert to a massive email list, this Algorithm Audit is your answer.

An Algorithm Audit Includes:

  • Diagnosis - identifies exactly what the problem is, including ones you may not know about.

  • Checklist - easy to understand checklist of things you can do within thirty minutes to improve your algorithmic reach.

  • Comprehensive Target Audience Data - workflows to make sure you're hitting your target audience, not just random people.

  • Dedicated Analysis - an analysis of each finding so you aren’t left wondering what to do. This includes a post analysis and examples, audience critiques, and important accounts you should engage with.

  • Guided Solutions - Alongside your data and diagnosis, expect a write-up of potential solutions to help you achieve your goals.

  • Access to Personal Support - Never feel alone in your social media struggles again. After an audit, you gain special access to our Discord, a community of subject matter experts who are always available to help. 

  • ...& more
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Introducing the Small Business Audit

A full audit takes me about seven hours, the price of which isn't accessible for most artists and small businesses.


The Complete version is especially useful for large businesses with multiple content platforms, revenue streams, and multi-faceted needs. On the other hand, the Small Business version has less technical speak and contains step-by-step options, suitable for people who may not be confident in social media marketing.

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