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You're sure to make an impact with our Spreadsheet Library. We take all the work out of finding the perfect hashtag, publishers, affiliates, and more. These lists are HUGE.

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Stop searching for the perfect template - we've got you! Our library is expanding to include calendars, journals, and even social media content!

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So. Why A Lifetime?

Short Answer? Because your future is worth it.


Long Answer? We don't just support your business. We build your entire ecosystem, from mental health, business growth, and monetization.

We can do that because we've been through the same stuff you have. We are what gurus wish they could package.

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Wow, lol, this is insane. My Timeline is BLOWING UP. Hahahaha, I've literally never had this much interaction before. It's so energizing, I need another coffee, ahaha!

NFT Artist, Photographer

I hope @KinoAlyse knows how helpful she is. I took the time to watch her series on Twitch and I couldn't be happier. I have learned a lot about various topics, but beside all that, you have created an amazing safe space for creators to connect.

Traditional Artist

The workbook is fantastically written and a pleasure to read. Doesn't feel like work and actually makes me want to use Twitter for more than just commenting on memes.

3D Arts & Speaker Manufacturer

Participating in the Algorithm Workflow gave me a structured timeframe and the guidance to intentionally show the algorithm what I want. This was more helpful to me than going through the Workbook and applying it on my own.

Digital Artist & Author

[My engagement] is much better, actually! Been hitting over 1,000 likes on things finally, haha. I really started making an effort to engage outside of my norm, and reduced the text on my photos. Thanks for the help!

Landscape Photographer & Founder

I want to say this here so everyone can see it. Some days ago, Kino and I spoke about using local hashtags with me for work and doing advertisement for yourself. Today, I landed a job with Volvo Productions thanks to her advice and going through the local hashtags.

Botanical Photographer

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So. Why A Lifetime?

Short Answer? Because your future is worth it.


Long Answer? We don't just support your business. We build your entire ecosystem, from mental health, business growth, and monetization.

We can do that because we've been through the same stuff you have. We are what gurus wish they could package.

We are an institution of long-term support for your career.

Our resources are personalized, not a quick-buck scheme.

Let the Algorithm Bring Customers to You!

We were the first published algorithm experts on the planet, first to patent an Algorithm Workflow, and we're not stopping there. We are the ONLY scientifically-tested business resource for creatives and artists.


Not only that, our resources are highly personalized, especially the Pathways. Experience what guru courses wish they had.


Education made for artists, by artists, that grows with you.

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All In One Membership, Thoughtfully Engineered for Seven Years.

Hi, I'm Kino

Science · Art · Business

First, I trained as a scientist. Then, I made a small fortune from photography. Now I use the totality of my experience to provide the most comprehensive business advice on the planet. 


I work my butt off to make sure all of the advice I provide is researched, proven, and delivered to you in applicable ways. I want to amplify your authentic voice, even use social media marketing in a way that respects your time and energy.


I started The Creative Industry in 2017 as a response to expensive workshops and coaches that left me uninspired. My goal is to never leave you wanting so you’re able to focus on what matters.

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